Fall Themed Family Photos

Fall is one of those great times to be alive.  The leaves are starting to change to beautiful, rich and bold reds, oranges, and burgundies.  Truly a sight I enjoy seeing every year.  Not that I'm all that thrilled about the temps dropping, but the Fall season is growing on me as I get older.  Maybe it's just the hot flashes talking :)


I have had the pleasure of designing several banners this year for photographers to use in the photo booths and Fall photo backdrops and also families that are taking advantage of this awesome photographically wonderful time of year.  These are wonderful ways to capture your growing families journey as the children just don't look the same from year to year and school pictures just aren't enough.  Family photos are something that the entire family can take part in and share the memory of.  


We are in the midst of planning our own photo shoot this Fall. Simply waiting for the leaves to really turn.  Here are some ideas for you to consider when planning a Fall family photo shoot.


* Plan early - For many places, the leaves are only going to be at their peak coloring for max a week or two.  You will need to be sure you have everything in order before that time comes so you can just dress the kiddos and say "Cheese".  This is not as necessary if you are hiring a photographer to do you family photos but if you are doing it on your own to stay within a budget, etc., planning is key to truly great photos.


*Props - Get your supplies in order.  This is especially necessary if you are building your own backdrops.  Items that may be needed include pumpkins, gourdes and corn stalks, hay bails, mums, banners, leaves, baskets or crates, wooden signs (if making yourself, you may also need paint, etc.), drapery (such as burlap or canvas, maybe even a colored sheet). 


*Camera - This really is a no-brainer.  Either you have a camera and know how to use it or your hire someone to take the photos for you.  If you have a nice digital camera or even your smart phone, you can achieve some very nice photos at little to no cost.  Bonus when you are trying to save for the holidays.  You can even call in a favor from a friend to snap a few. 


*Photographer - If you opt to hire out a professional photographer, my only advice is do your homework.  Even if you get a referral from a friend or family, do your own research to make sure you are going to get the quality and style you are looking for within your allotted budget.  Photographers and prints can get expensive quickly.  Check out their website and photo gallery or portfolio to see if they jive with your style.


*Outfits - This one is totally up to you.  Be yourself.  If looking for a tried and true great photo, dress in fall colors.  Some of the best photos I have seen are just families having fun.  Jeans, sweaters, and boots can give the feel of cooler weather even if the temps haven't dropped much in your area.


Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!   Toss some leaves about and put on your smiling faces :)


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