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Laugh together.  Cry together.  Laugh until you cry together.  Creating memories with loved ones is one of the greatest treasures in life.  From the birth of your first born, to your wedding or your children's wedding, anniversary, birthday, and so much more.  We value family and friends and enjoying quality time together.  There is no better way to celebrate life's journey than with family.  We are here to help you create the memories that last a lifetime.
Ryan and Melissa Talbott

About Celebrating Together 

We start at the beginning.  Your birth.  The moment your parent's first laid eyes upon your sweet, angelic face.  Many birthdays and crying tantrums later, say your teen years, you start to think about more than you.  About your first crush and your future partner.  And when you see him, you are sunk for good. You can't imagine life without him.  The dating tango begins; is he the Right One, The Forever One?  You know in your heart of hearts when the time is right.

The Big Day.  Holy Moly, you are a nervous wreck.  Are the flowers just right, is Uncle Ed sitting next to Aunt Teresa?  OMG! They hate each other.  But the day isn't about them.  It's about your and your spouse-to-be and your future.  From the dress to the jewelry, it's about you.

First comes love then comes marriage... you know what's next!  You are starting your own family adventure.  That baby is only a baby for such a short time.  Love, cherish and snuggle them to pieces.

And the cycle continues.  You are blessed with memorable moments each an everyday.  It is making the most of them that is the challenge.  I have created a company around making the most of those special moments.

Hi.  I'm Melissa, the designer, the mom, the chauffeur, the entrepreneur, and so on.  Creating a life filled with joyful memories is not as easy as it looks or should be.  But we all love the big happy moments that surprise and delight us.  That is why I'm here... to help you create those moments.

I first begin my entrepreneurial endeavor when I was just a child. I loved tinkering around with things.  A few years ago, I even found a few pairs of my first earrings.  (You remember those crayons you played with for so many years?  Oh, the pictures you drew.  Mom still hung them on the fridge even when you colored outside the lines :)  My first earrings were made out of little plastic crayons.  Clearly, I don't still make crayon earrings, but I knew I was destined to create when I found those still hanging out in a basket in my grandmother's basement, out in plain sight for me to rediscover.

Fast forward a few years.  Some of the most memorable moments of my childhood and teen years were of Christmas time.  Nothing made me happier.  Not because I received tons of gifts or stuffed cookies in while I could, but because it was the only time I was able to see my extended family.  I loved shopping for gifts, trying to figure out what my uncles would like.  And I'm sure they loved receiving my sweaters and gag gifts every year.  LOL.  But that was what I loved.  Giving the gifts.  Making a smile appear when there wasn't one.

To the present.  As with everything comes change and growth and new beginnings.  I have now began using my creative superpowers :) to create for you and your family.  A place where you can find the perfect gift for Sue's graduation next month or a stunning pair of earrings for yourself when you walk down the isle to your future.

So here is my challenge to you...who can you make smile today??  



Let's make memories together today!

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