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Laugh together.  Cry together.  Laugh until you cry together.  Creating memories with loved ones is one of the greatest treasures in life.  From the birth of your first born, to your wedding or your children's wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation and so much more.  You value family and friends and enjoying quality time together.  There's no better way to celebrate life's journey than with family.  We're here to help you create the memories that last a lifetime.

We start at the beginning.  Your child's birth.  Celebrating with friends and family at the gender reveal party when your guests get the honor of finding out the sex of your baby.  These parties are so much fun.  The the silly guessing games and the anticipation of the BIG REVEAL.  Colored smoke bombs or paint filled balloons that explode in a splatter of pink or blue.  To your baby shower, where you are showered in gifts of love for you and your bundle of joy.

Now comes the fun and sometimes messier times of smash cakes and birthday parties with whatever theme your child's imagination can come up with or maybe the favorite cartoon character theme at the moment.  As they grow, continue to celebrate and nurture them as they become young adults.  

Graduation can be bittersweet.  So proud of what they've accomplished in high school and college but yet sad to see them move out into the world on their own.  Congrats to your grad for all the hard work.  Caps flying, usher your child onto the next adventure in life with a bash of a graduation party.

Now comes the tear jerking life events to celebrate to the highest.  Weddings, and grandbabies.  Whether on the bride's side of the isle or the groom's, you are going to be thrilled that your child has found true love.  Weddings are the best.  Celebrate to the max.  A once in a lifetime event.   Helping plan out the smallest details of such a monumental event can be stressful but still needs to be celebrated.  Add in bridal showers and bachelorette parties, there's so much fun to be had.

First comes love then comes marriage... you know what's next!  They're starting their own family adventure.  Finally, you're gonna be a grandma!  That baby is only a baby for such a short time as you know.  Love, cherish and snuggle them to pieces.

It is making the most of all these life stages and milestones that is the challenge.  I've created a company around making the most of those special moments.

Hi.  I'm Melissa, the designer, the wife, the mom, the chauffeur. And this is Ryan, the husband, the handyman, the engineer, the builder. Creating a life filled with joyful memories is not as easy as it looks or should be.  But we all love the big happy moments that surprise and delight us.  That is why we're here... to help YOU create your own special memorable moments. A place where you can find the perfect gift or party decoration for Sue's graduation next month or a banner for your favorite cousin Jenny's bridal shower and bachelorette party.  

Bring more joy and excitement to these big life moments.

How can you surprise and delight the ones you love most at their next party?


Let's make memories together today!

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