Happy Anniversary


As my wedding anniversary is this coming weekend, I thought what better time to talk about anniversaries.

How are you going to celebrate this year's anniversary?

Whether large or small, all anniversaries are important.  It might be your very first or sadly your very last together.  Celebrate each one with renewed love for one another.  

Every anniversary is celebrated differently depending on the dynamics of the couple.  Some are very quiet and reserved while others want to shout it from the roof tops and throw a huge shindig.  For my husband and I, we are bit of a mixed bag.  He is more the quiet type, and I am more boisterous and like to have get-togethers with the family.

With each passing year, we tend to settle into a routine of sorts.  Some will get a babysitter for the kiddos and enjoy a night out at a romantic restaurant, maybe some Italian and wine.  For the man's man, your hubby might want to dine on a 42 ounce steak and potatoes.  Still others, after the children have been all snuggled in bed, with cuddle up by the fire and share a glass of red and maybe a movie.

You may also be into LUX and spring for the exotic getaway, if your lifestyle and budget allow.  If that is for you, then Awesome! and get some rays for me while you sip pina coladas with the little umbrella on the beach.  Ummm Yummy!

Having the entire family involved is also an option.  A backyard BBQ, laid back style with steaks and hot dogs on the grill for the kids.  Picnic tables and beer in the cooler.  Hubby get out the apron, you have grill duty.

Or is this year one of the BIG ones?? How do you celebrate those?  Is it your 1st, 10th, 25th? Holy Wowzers, your 50th!!  

For your first, dig that cake topper out of the back of the freezer and cut yourselves a slice.  A slice from the same cake you tried to smash all over his face just one year ago.  But you were sweet afterwards and kissed the cake away :)  Those were some great photos.  Yes, I did that way back when.  Cake up the nose.  LOL.

If it is a BIG one, why not throw a huge Party.  That's my favorite!  I considered doing just that last year.  Unfortunately, it wasn't one of the super yeah, celebratory years and I knew everyone would just be asking me why I threw such a momentous anniversary party.  The only reason I could come up with at the time was that is happened to fall on a Friday, and I knew more people would come.  And maybe just for funzies.  That didn't seem like reason enough to go all out so I opted to wait a few years.  Yes, I am already planning the next big one for Ryan and I. LOL.  Shhhhh don't tell my husband; he doesn't know yet :)

Sometime couples will decide to use this opportunity to renew the vows they once said.  A way of strengthening the bond between them.  I remember watching a movie once, sorry but I can't think of the name, where they did just that.  Everyone was dressed as if attending a wedding.  They had the reception/party in the backyard with twinkling hanging lights.  Food, laughter, smiles all around, champagne flowing and tons of dancing.  

So don't be afraid if you want to pull out all the stops this year.  We once, planned by my aunt-in-law, gathered all the immediate family, aunts, uncles, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, etc. and rented out a huge cabin in Branson, MO for my grandparent's 50th anniversary.  We went to shows, visited amusement parks, etc.  A memory we will all share for a lifetime.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, do so with love and remember to cherish these special moments together.


Until next Tuesday,

Melissa with your Weekly Confetti


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