How I'm going to make one party, I mean part, of your life easier.

What could you possibly have running through your mind on a Friday night after midnight when your kids are in bed that is keeping your eyes peeled wide?  Or maybe it's Saturday morning, at 3 am mind you, and your brain is firing on all cylinders, as if fight or flight has kicked in and you're running scared for dear life?

I can tell you exactly what's been keeping me up at night... Damn near everything.  A running list of the activities the kids have over the summer, what days my husband is at work or out of town for his job, the laundry that I forgot once again to put into the dryer and will need to wash again in the morning.  And the list goes on... that's just my personal life not including my business and all the hoops, hurdles and pole vaulting task of running a company.

In response to the growing demand of our family and the needs of our business and you, our customers, I am making some changes to the structure of Celebrating Together.   Whoa, whoa!!  Don't freak out.  This is a good change.

We are seeing more and more that you're needing to receive your banners and party decorations within shorter time periods.  And I totally get it.  Us moms, are frankly busy as hell.  Running to football practice or birthday parties or dance recitals.  We forget to get some of the little things done.  The dishes, unfortunately, wait or you grab something quick for dinner.  WE ARE BUSY WOMEN!!

So... what would make your party decorating easier when in a time pickle?  Party printables!!!  You will be able to gain instant access to our new printable, digital download products with the click of a few buttons.  A little paper, some string, maybe some tape and scissors and you are in business to put up those party decorations.  No more waiting for your order to arrive. But I'm going to work on getting you your baby shower banners, cupcake toppers, and so much more to you the fastest way possible.  Immediately!!  BONUS>>> your kids can help.  Family quality fun time, craft time and party decoration making time all wrapped into one.

My hope is to have all of our physical banners in a digital format in the next few months.  I'm also planning to release tons of new items including editable invitations, thank you cards, tent cards, centerpieces, cupcake toppers, and more banner designs for baby showers, birthdays, weddings and more.  Some printable banners have already been released!  Many more coming soon.  

Here is a preview of some of the goodness to come.

Ahoy ladies nautical bridal shower invitations, printable invitationpink and gold glitter confetti baby shower water bottle labelsart party printable birthday party invitationsPink printable happy birthday bannerdecorative swirl printable wedding invitationnautical happy birthday party banner, printable birthday banner

I have been thinking about expanding our product lines for some time and now feels like the right time.  I hope you will come on this journey of expansion with me. Celebrating life's milestones and family time together.

Melissa :)


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