How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower Or Online Gender Reveal Party

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With everyone socially distancing themselves, hosting a baby shower can be a bit of a challenge but that doesn't mean you can't still host a virtual baby shower or online gender reveal party.  Hosting an online baby shower can be simple and a great way to see family and friends from afar.  So in a time like our current situation where we've been told to "shelter in place", many families are trying to cope with all the changes.  We're making adaptions to our ever changing environment with kids homeschooling and spouse working from home.  It can be quite stressful.  But that is no reason to not still celebrate the special moments in our life with friends and family.  We just need to adapt to the times and go online!

We've seen here at Celebrating Together a decrease in the number of people hosting parties as most of us are now have been told to social distance ourselves for an undetermined amount of time.  People are being forced to cancel parties, trips and vacations, birthday parties, postpone weddings, etc.

In light of the times, I wanted to give you some ideas for still hosting a virtual baby shower so you can celebrate that light life that will soon be here because baby is still baking in the mommy oven no matter what storm is brewing outside.

You might be asking "How do I host a virtual baby shower"?  Well, it's actually easier than ever to do so.  The technology we have today is more than capable of accomplishing this. So where to start?


Sending Baby Shower Invitations

You've got an email address and probably most of your family and friends do to.  Send a quick email or grab a baby shower template and attach it with the party date and time and let you online/phone guests know to send any gift they would like to give straight to your house by mail.  List your gift registry too.  People are inside and probably already shopping online to occupy their time.  Don't be surprised if you end up with a bunch of gift cards though.  Online gift cards and certificates are easy to get a hold of and send for special events.

printable and emailable nautical baby shower invitations - Celebrating Together


How to virtually connect to throw a baby shower online?

There are several options for this very topic.  Let's start with the super simple. If you have a smartphone, use it.  FaceTime it!  Grab your phone and give grandma a quick call.  I know this might be a learning curve for the older generation but many grandparents and some great grandparents are really good at figuring these things out.  Share the screen and let them watch you open up any gifts that have been sent to you.

Other options to consider are Facebook live.  Send friends and family the link when you go live and let them in on the live party even though they are not sitting in your living room with you. You can also use tech like Google Duo, Skype and Zoom if you know how or are a quick study.


phone and laptop

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What About Traditional Baby Shower Games?

You can still do those too!!  If everyone is able to see each other live, you can ask the questions and play the games live on the internet or on the phone.  Conference calls have never been so fun.  Guests can still shout out the answers.  Or if you have printed games, scan and email them out before the party so everyone can have them ready to fill them out while live or ahead of time.  Prizes can be a gift cards they are able to use at a later date or mail your baby shower prizes to them.  Check out these printable advice cards that can be used for one of your baby shower games.

You can also hop online and search for online quiz makers, etc.  Or make a shareable Google Doc so everyone can fill it out with baby name ideas, best wishes and advice, etc.

Advice for the mommy to be sign and advice cards - Celebrating Together


Momma Still Needs Snacks

You know you are going to need something to munch and a drink while you baby shower virtually so have your baby shower guests prep ahead of time with their favorite snacks.  You can make a game out of this as well.  Who's snack is momma-to-be's favorite pregnancy craving?


The theme here is you may be stuck in the house but still want to celebrate the wonderful gift of a new child.  So get creative!


For more baby shower ideas, check out our Pinterest board for baby showers and see how you can adapt those ideas into one amazing online or virtual baby shower.  Congrats and best wishes, Momma.

Melissa :)


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how to host a virtual baby shower - Celebrating Together  how to host a virtual baby shower - Celebrating Together  hosting a virtual baby shower online - Celebrating Together

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