How To Save Money On Your Wedding Decor With Printables

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For the budget-conscious bride, her eyes may bug out when she starts looking at the bill she's racking up for her dream wedding day. Or, maybe your the groom wondering how you'll every afford your bride's wedding wishes.

Weddings can be expensive once everything is tallied up so you may be looking for ways to save money on your wedding decor and other wedding day expenses. From wedding dresses and honeymoon costs, to caterers, floral arrangements, invitations and so many more wedding related expenses.

What's the bride and groom-to-be supposed to do to keep costs from blowing up the budget completely?

How about trying printables! 

There are thousands of options for saving money on your wedding and one of the easiest is to simply print some (or all) of your own wedding stationary.

My husband and I did this for our own wedding.  As someone who can maneuver her way around design software, I was able to build our own invitation template (back in the day before amazing software was available to everyone) and designed the text layout.  Loaded paper and hit print!


Not everyone is a graphic designer. And that is A-okay!!! That's why I've created entire lines of themed wedding printables, baby shower printables, graduation, birthdays and more. 

I know it can be difficult so I've tried by best to make saving you time and money... and maybe your sanity and budget... by creating simple to use wedding templates that you can edit right from your laptop. A few minutes of your time, the cost of ink and paper, and you can have all your wedding paper products edited, printed and ready to use at a small fraction of the cost of having a big design company create them.

When you are looking for ways to cut down your wedding budget, I recommend looking into having some of your wedding decorations printed. Some you can edit and print right from your home printer. Others, a quick trip to your local print shop, and you have stunning, personalized wedding signs, invitations and more. Lots of wedding stationary can be easily edited online with Canva and printed out in minutes.


Many couples-to-be have a home printer that can produce excellent quality prints and photos and can drastically cut down on your wedding expenses. 

From wedding welcome signs and printable table signs for your gift table or favor table to editable and printable invitations, you can save loads of money. Traditional invitations can cost between $2-3 per invite up to completely custom designs, printed by professional printers at upwards of $10+ per invitation.

Now imagine 100 invites plus the cost of envelopes, rsvp cards, menus, Oh my!  You could have easily spent over $1000 on just paper!



It used to be that creating digital files that people could edit and print themselves use to be a total pain, with clunky software and confusing instructions. Thank goodness for the interest and modern technology!

Editing and printing your own stationary from templates is SO EASY now!  Our stationary templates use Canva.  A FREE online software that lets you easily drop and drag, change colors and fonts and so much more.  Making it a truly unique to you and your needs template.

Here's a quick tutorial of how you can use one of our Wedding Welcome Sign templates, edit it yourself in Canva and possibly save hundreds of dollars on your wedding decorations and wedding signs today.



Want this exact printable welcome to our wedding sign shown in the video??  You got it! Click here.

I hope this post showed you just how easy it is to customize your own wedding decor and save yourself loads of money with this budget-friendly wedding tip.

Happy printing and money saving!


Want to give Canva a try?  You can sign up for a free account or get a FREE TRIAL of Canva Pro today!



edit our wedding welcome sign with canva - tutorial - Celebrating Together how to save money on your wedding decor with printables - Celebrating Together save money on your wedding decor with wedding printables - Celebrating Together

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