Less than a week to Christmas

Well hello.  I'm glad to see you made it here today.  Christmas can be a crazy time of year.  Running here and running there.  Hopefully you are finishing up work at the office, wrapping the last presents and getting prepped for family and friends to come. 

But as always, there seems to be that one thing that gets forgotten like getting a gift for someone that is a last minute +1 like your sister's boyfriend's third cousin.  And you are all, "Ryan's what is her favorite color?  I have to run in to town, NOW!" 

But when the tags are all filled out and the last potato has been mashed and all are sitting around the fireplace stuffed from dinner while laughing hysterically at the bottle of POO-Pouri that your aunt got for your cousin, you know it was all worth it.

I want to take a minute and wish you a Merry Christmas.  May your season be joyous and bright.  

Melissa :)


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