Simple Ghost Treats To Add To Their Treat Bags

When prepping for Halloween, it always seems like we just run out of time to get everything we wanted to get get done finished before the kids are off to school and you are dashing about like a wild woman. We have costumes to finish or maybe even fix if they have been playing in it and ripped off a button, (Yes, I have a costume to fix), decorations to hang, goody bags to load up with all that sweet candy, etc.  So I'm sending you something super quick that is sure to please.


Ghost Suckers Tutorial

These are super simple and quick to throw together in a hurry.



* Ribbon, string or twine

* Suckers (blow pop or tootsie pop size)

* Kleenex

* Scissors

* Black marker


supplies needed for ghost suckers


Let's Go!  There really isn't much to it. :)


1.  Take a Kleenex and put your sucker inside.

how to make ghost suckers

how to make ghost suckers


2. Pull the Kleenex around the top of the sucker to form the ghost's head.

how to make ghost suckers


3. Cut ribbon to tie around ghost's head.  I use about 10 inches or so.  (Tip - for the first ghost, tie the bow while the ribbon is still on the spool.  Then you are simply take the bow off and use the length as a template for the rest.)

how to make ghost suckers

how to make ghost suckers


4. Tie ribbon in a bow just under the ghost's head.

how to make ghost suckers


5. Use black marker to add eyes to your ghost.

how to make ghost suckers



how to make ghost suckers


That was so easy to do, right?!?  Now let's crank out a whole ghost army of them to stick in the kid's goody bags for their class party or trick or treat sacks.


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