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How To Put Together A Kid's Activity and Coloring Book

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Our wedding day coloring book for kids


UPDATE - You can now get this printable coloring book for free click here!

There are some special occasions that we both want our kids to attend, but at the same time, not attend.  Yes, sometimes something really funny happens like a child having a giggling fit which, in turn, gets an entire church full of wedding goers belly laughing right along.  But there are some other times, when you just wish they would stay quiet.  

Kid's coloring and activity books are one solution.

One option would be to purchase a bunch of printed coloring books from the store.  This is good if you have some extra budget funds to work with or if you aren't the most tech savy or need it, like yesterday.  In the latter case, have someone else who is coming to your event, run passed the store and grab it for you.  You are a busy woman and have other things to get done so this party can go off without a hitch. 

Another option is to create your own.  You can create a coloring book yourself if you have some artistic abilities and tons of time on your hands, but typically brides aren't up for something that takes that much precious time.  If you have time to waste, you can submit your drawings to a printing company or print yourself with a copy machine.

The final option is great if you are on a somewhat tight wedding budget and have family that is willing to pitch in just a few minutes of time to help you out.  You will only need a few supplies that you probably already have laying around.

Today, I'm going to show you how to put together a super simple, wedding coloring book for your wedding.

Supply list
Printer and white paper
Hole punch
Ribbon, string, etc.
Printable coloring pages

Supplies for making a printable coloring book, paper, scissors, ribbon, hole punch

If you don't want to or have the time to go hunting around the internet for free coloring pages and want a cute wedding themed coloring activity book.  Grab ours here.

Start by downloading your coloring pages.  If you are getting them from a website, like ours, they will come as either a JPEG format or a PDF.  To download and access PDFs, you will need Adobe Reader. Get a copy here. Bonus - it's free!  You may even already have it installed on your home computer.

Once you have your pages ready, print!!

A paper-saving option would be to double-sided print your pages.  You can do this for full-size coloring pages and also half-sheet coloring pages if your printer has a duplexing option.  This option can be found in your printer options pop up (the same screen you select your printer to print to).

bride and groom coloring pages - Celebrating Together

Wedding cake and church coloring pages - Celebrating Together

bouquet of flowers coloring page - Celebrating Together

Once all of your pages are printed out, stack them up and align the edges.  This is where the whole punch comes in handy. Now you can use a stapler to attach all your coloring pages, but I would caution against this if small children will be using these.  Staples are both sharp and you definitely don't want anyone to accidentally put one in their little mouths. And staples aren't the prettiest of options

children's our wedding day coloring  and activity book, spool of ribbon and hole punch - Celebrating Together

For half-sheet pages that print two pages per page, like this one, you will just need to fold the pages in half and hole punch along the center fold.  If you only have a few sheets to punch through, punch them all at the same time, stacked together to ensure the holes all line up.  For this size page, it's usually fairly secure with just two punches.  On this particular style, I cut my ribbon at about 11 inches, but you can cut the ribbon longer if you prefer long tails. String your ribbon through the holes and tie a bow or knot.  

Punching a hole in our printable wedding coloring book - Celebrating Together

*Note there are several ways to tie these. 1) cut a piece of ribbon for each hole and tie your bows or 2) cut one longer piece; thread through both sets of holes and tie one single bow along the fold.  This is completely a personal preference and won't effect the usability of your coloring page.  Also, tie your loop that goes through the holes loosely so the pages don't rip when the coloring book is opened.

spool of ribbon and scissors - Celebrating Together

For full-size pages, follow the same guiding principles. But don't fold in half and just punch the holes along the left edge.  For this style, I would recommend three holes.  Loop your ribbon through each hole and tie your bows with your ribbon and you're set.  

At your wedding, at the entry of the church or as you walk into the reception.  Place a basket with your adorable new coloring books and some crayons.  The kids will enjoy them and they can then take them home as a kid's wedding favor as well.

printable wedding coloring book - Celebrating Together

These children's coloring books can be customized, since you are making them, to match yous wedding colors and theme.  Grab the spare ribbon or twine you have from your other wedding favors and wedding decorations and get to making yourself some adorable children's coloring and activity books.  Don't forget you can snag our coloring book shown in this tutorial.  Happy making :)


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